I raise my glass

There is an incredible power built into music in general and rock in particular. Music inspires us, gives us strength to persevere and go that extra mile, it has tremendous hidden healing powers. This is very much underestimated in society, especially rock music should have a more prominent place in culture.

I myself am thankful for the aid rock have given me, the strength to pull through and flourish once again. Especially one song (and video) have meant a lot to me, ”Best I Can” from the ”Empire” album with Queensrÿche. There are many similarities in my situation in recent years with the man in the song and video.

Like him I was confined to a wheel chair for a period, although the reasons for ending up in the chair were different. For me it was the result of domestic abuse messing up my spine (actually the nerves) in a big way and I had to rely on those four wheels until the first round of surgery before being able to walk again. However I was still left with severe pain and a nasty limp, but at least I could walk although with the help of a cruch.

The song inspired me to be like the man in it, I was determined to go from my chair to walking man and to become the best man I can. I even came to write for a magazine just like he wanted to. Only this summer and the final surgery I could throw the cruch out the window and had truly become a walking man again. Still though, I will continue to better myself and become the best I can, for myself but also for my friends, family and girl friend.

I’m not all the way yet, even though my back is more or less mended I am still rebuilding my life every day, one step at the time, and rebuilding my economy that plummeted not only due to the injurys causing me to be unable to work but also due to the abusers stalking and trolling that began after I had broken free from her control.

The surgical teams that have been instrumental in bringing me up from the chair and into mobility are my new heroes. There are however 5 talented musicians that are my true heroes, the original members of Queensrÿche, for composing and recording the awesome song ”Best I Can” telling us how important it is to never give up, to push on through to make our dreams become a reality, inspiring us to be the best we can be and reminding us that there’s always someone worse off than ourselves.

I raise my glass to celebrate Geoff Tate, Chris DeGarmo, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield. Thank you for the inspiration and my very own ”national anthem”.

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