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Very soon we will launch the new goodiebag competition at The Rocking Chef (Den Rockande Kocken) and this is a heads up for all you wonderful artists out there, not only rock bands but clothes and jewelry companies as well. There’s still time to get in and we need your contribution to fill the goodiebag. This will be the biggest competition ever!
Bands already represented in the bag are Skull Parade, Decending Chaos, Diabolical, Zephyra, The Madcap, Enbound, Rob Farley and The Failers, Black Barrel Smoke, Diamond Dawn, One Inch Giant, Transport League, Sleezy, Osukaru and The Reehab among others, in the bag there are CD:s, stickers, T-shirts, flyers, fridge magnets and more.

Whatever you feel that you can and want to donate is welcome, it can be CD:s, stickers, posters, T-shirts, rings, necklaces or something else. In return for you contributing you will get a lot of linking to your web pages, YouTube channels (and individual videos) and other kinds of coverage as well.

The Rocking Chef is Sweden’s 2nd largest music blog, it’s listed in the top 30 overall, and the author is also writing for MetalCentral, one of the largest online rock magazine in Sweden. Connected to the blog is also the Facebook page Daily Dose where new rock videos are posted daily as well as other Facebook pages and groups.

Although the competition is to be held at a Swedish blog it will be available world wide.

If you want to contribute please contact us at to let us know and we will get back to you with mailing information. If you happen to know someone in a band, don’t hesitate to tell them so they can get in on the action.

Please share the hell out of this post so more people will get the message, the more the merrier…



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