Rock star attitude

They really don’t have anything to do with rock or metal other than that they do have rock star attitudes when it comes to being right up there in your face driving you insane. Who are they? Two scurges of the earth more or less that invade our most inner sanctums every year.

Summer is here and with it the annual invasion of the common house fly, probably the most annoying creature nature have ever come up with. No matter how many times you wave them away, ten seconds later they’re right back in the exact same spot, usually in your face. They’re stupid as hell as well. They can find a 3 millimeter crack in the wall and get in, but can’t find their way out again through an open 2 meters tall doorway.

Almost as annoying as flies are mosquitoes. There can be none to be seen anywhere, then you go to bed and turn out the light. All of a sudden you have a small Cessna flying through the room and it passes by your ear leaving you with the sound of a Harrier Jet flyby ringing like a freaking church bell as the mosquito continue to fly away. After this repeating a couple of times you turn on the lights, hell bent on extermination, and it is dead quiet with no mosquito to be found. Lay down again and turn out the lights, what happens? Yep, the sucker from hell is back doing yet another flyby!


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