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It doesn’t quite sound as if it would be a reality with an African sleaze metal band, does it? It’s not really a continent known for it’s many metal bands, but there is at least one band in this genre down there. Welcome to the South African realm of Pretoria based L.A. Cobra!

They have already released two albums, ”Cherry Hill” (2007) and ”How much snake can you take??” (2011), and are now hard at work with their third one that will be released with the title ”Shotgun Slinger”. This is where you come in, you can pre-order and help funding the new album.

Visit the crowd funding page and pre-order

A little fun fact, on the cover of the album they have the Swedish singer Marielle Tengström (Rebel Mistress). The album by the way is being produced, mixed and mastered by Martin Sweet (Crashdïet, Sweet Creature, Sister).

A short message directly from the bands front man Don:

I’d like to say to everyone in Sweden if all goes well we might embark on a Scandinavian tour launching the album especially Sweden in Sept/Oct. It would also help us doing it independently with the help from Martin Sweet of Crashdiet on the production side. Because record labels always takes the bigger piece of the pie and this is our chance to make it happen. 3rd time lucky. Thank you to all who supported us so far. We love you!

The money raised in this campaign will cover the cost of the final stages of production of the record. The funds will also be used for merchandise, videos, and the distribution of the album. Should we exceed our goal, the money will be used to cover costs of an extensive South African and Scandinavian tour.

”Rock ‘n Roll Pretoria” is the first single off the coming album.

Formed in November 2005, L.A. Cobra is the only sleaze/glam/hair metal band on the African continent.

They are the ”Sleaze Rocking Hair Metal Stars” from Pretoria – flying the 80’s Glam Rock Flag from the handlebars of their Harleys whilst making a name for themselves internationally and locally. Like the well-known song Of Queen, ”Tie your mother down, lock your daddy out of doors”, L.A. Cobra has been let loose to cause a rebellion among the youth with their revival of the 80’s glam era.

Largely influenced by 80’s rock bands like Motley Crue, Poison, Guns & Roses, Kiss, WASP and Skid Row, L.A. COBRA is all about girls, Harleys, big hair and a good time, bringing back those memorable guitar solo’s and ”balls to the wall” hard rock shows we’re all starved for with a modern twist from their songwriting as we know them, these guys are the real deal, and live Rock and Roll.

Don Cobra – Vocals and Guitar
Slade – Guitar and backing vocals
Ewil – Bass and backing vocals
Callie ”The Animal” – Drums


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