Metal goes pop

z-flag-sweVill du ha en karriär som musiker, men helst utan alltför mycket ansträngning och ändå skriva och spela in dina egna låtar? Då ska du förmodligen välja pop som din genre. De här killarna skulle kunna generera två eller tre fullängdsalbum med popmusik i månaden. Frågan som infinner sig är om pop verkligen är så mycket enklare eller är hårdrocksmusiker helt enkelt så mycket bättre?
z-flag-engDo you want a career as a musician, but preferably without too much effort and still write and record your own songs? Then you should probably choose pop as you genre. These guys would be able to generate two or three full length albums with pop music a month. The question that comes to mind is that if pop really is that much simpler or are metal musicians just so much better?

Remember the day I brought you flowers
Took you too the beach
and we talked for hours
You were lookin so fine
you made me unwind
I could hardly breathe
With you sittin next to me
In a beautiful scenery
Everything We had was so surreal
It felt unreal
I’d like to read some letters I wrote for you
Didn’t have the courage to send them on the Internet
If I had it my way you’d be here
But you’re not and I swear its ok
I’ll wait for you
Because true love doesn’t just come over night
But I’m lost without you
And I’m trying not to fight
This feeling inside me
And I know that if you had one wish you’d make it right
If i had it my way you’d be coming over every night
Taking my myself back on all the moments we had
just can’t help but to wonder if you’re thinking of me when I’m thinking of you
But now I’m right here right now finding myself alone and lost without you.
I love the way You look at me
You make me feel free

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